Monday, March 12, 2012

things that are awesome, part 2

I'm starting to feel self conscious that most of these posts end up being about fertility/ivf in some way.  Worried that you people are gonna stop reading because you're bored with the topic.  But then, while reading another blog, I had an epiphany.   Actually, it was more of a reminder thought.  I'm writing this blog for me, to get out the things that are in the back of my mind, that don't come out in daily conversation, but that I still need to find a way to sort through.  And let's be honest, I started this blog because of the interfility/ivf.

As much as infertility isn't all that defines me and us, it still does define part of me and us.  It plays a part in all decisions we make, big or small.  It occupies many of my thoughts and some of my conversations.  But, even still, there are awesome things all around me, happening every day.

1. getting to be my nephews "grand person" at school.  i got to go to mass with him, see his friends and his classes.  we had thumb wars and staring contests.  im sure not long from now, it will be just another day for him, but it will always be an awesome day for me.

2.  im going to be an aunt, again!  my sister is having a baby.  and right now, baby shower planning is in progress, clothes are being bought, names are being tossed around.  cant wait to love on that baby.  in case you havent caught on, being an aunt is my favorite.

3. my trip to boulder to see my brother and his family.  walks, martinis, mac n cheese/toy story date night with my favorite 3 year old, snuggles, train tracks, babies learning to roll over, lots of awesome talks, wine, telling "zokes" and hiding, shopping, walking, endless amounts of coffee.  it was awesome

4. going to boulder was motivation to make sure i finished my first knitting project.  a blanket for my niece.  while there are definitely parts of it that are "homemade" looking, i am so excited about how it turned out!

5. surprise warm weather.  yes, i know its a little disappointing that there was no legit sledding to be done this winter, but i think it's okay to move past winter at this point.  i would love to have a real spring!

6. phone date night with the bestie.  enough said.

7. bob is in the middle of opening another bar louie in westlake.  even though this means extra travel time in the current schedule, its a good thing, and i cant wait for this one to open - great location, good staff, and conveniently located for impromptu family reunions :)

8. scrapbooking.  erin and i have been trying to scrapbook once a week.  unfortunately because of crazy schedules, it ends up being once every 3 weeks, but it's a great time.  and i can't wait to finally have my disney scrapbook done.  maybe next i can do my wedding scrapbook?

9. my mommas birthday is this week.  you all can debate it all you want, but i won the momma lottery with mine.  that is all. 

10.  while we're at it, my brothers birthday is this week, too.  and my sister and cousin aren't too far around the corner.  march is a great month to celebrate some of the most important people in my life.

11. i have some amazing coworkers.  (im not just saying that because i know some of you are reading this!)  i actually enjoy having to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week with you people.  you make work fun!

What's awesome in your life?