Who we are...

We meet in 2006, when I (Mis) transferred to the BWWs where Bob was a manager.  We spent the summer hating each other.  (no really, we did)  But, since I turned 21 that summer, I felt like everyone should take me out for a drink to celebrate.  My last week working with him, I pointed out that he hadn't gotten me a drink yet.  (By this time, we both thought the other one was flirting, but both still refuse to admit that we were!)  Anyways, I stayed after waiting for him to close, he made me a chimichanga while I waited, and we went out to Center Court for a beer...which ended up being 3 beers and the bartender telling us we had to leave because they were closed.  So, we went home and talked on the phone for 5 hours.  We've been together ever since.

I had a year left of college, so our first year together, Bob lived in Toledo and I lived in Defiance.  We saw each other two days a week and because of work and school schedules talked to each other at random hours of the day and night.  We moved in together after I graduated (2007), got engaged a year later (2008) and got married a year after that (2009).  I could include a million details about our "long distance" (I use quotes because we know how lucky we were to see each other each week and talk every day), what it was like moving in together, memories of our dates, getting engaged, the most amazing wedding ever, and the beginning of our marriage...but there's a good chance you already know the highlights.  And, I'm sure the stories will come out over time.

Top 7 things to know about Mis:
1. I like chick flicks, Nicholas Sparks books and Disney movies.  This has caused me to become quite the dreamer.  Don't get me wrong, Bob treats me like a Queen (my dad made him promise that he would!) but sometimes, I spend enough time fantasizing about how I wish things would happen and not enough time appreciating how they do actually turn out.  Also, I love Twilight.
2. I listen to all kinds of music.  I love going to concerts.  I saw 'N Sync 5 times and am proud to say I completed the Boy Band bucket list this summer when NKOTBSB was on tour.
3. I like to read, knit, scrapbook and am trying to become crafty (thanks to Pinterest).  I don't really cook.  I need an exact recipe, with exact cooking times.  Things usually turn out fine, but I get stressed in the process.  I do love to bake.
4. I was a Michigan fan before I met Bob, but I'm getting much more into it now.  I like being at sporting events live, but can't focus enough to watch it on TV. 
5. I love pink, snowglobes, blankets, Christmas time, brownie batter, Saved by the Bell, hoodies,  Friends (the tv show and the real people in my life), and the beach when it's dark out.
6. My family had 393,484 traditions when I was growing up, many of which we still do.  I cherish each of them, and am thankful to have been raised by 2 people that value family (and each other) so much.
7. I get excited about lots of things and always want to have something to look forward to.

Top 7 things to know about Bob:
1. He's a huge sports fan - especially Michigan football (also - Lions and Tigers)
2. He's a self trained chef and loves to cook - when he has time. He won me over by asking me for a week straight what I had for lunch, and combining it into an amazing meal.  Sushi rice, salmon with an avocado sauce and asparagus with cheese.
3. He likes country music (Brad Paisley is his fav)  He loves 80's movies (which makes it even more amazing that I have only see about 4 of them)  When he was little, if he had to choose between missing Duke's of Hazard or getting spanked, he picked getting spanked.
4. He's a gadget guy.  He's also pretty handy.  He can fix lots of things, but also breaks lots of things, sometimes in the process of fixing them, but in the end, they are fixed again. 
5. He's a loyal friend and very close to his family.
6. He's loves his job.  He's one of those people who can work all day without feeling like they are working.  He loves what he does and enjoys mentoring other people in the company.  A perk of his job - he gets paid to drink beer and travel.
7. He never leaves the question of where you stand with him.  Good or bad, you know how he feels.  But, if he's frustrated, just let him vent then walk away.  He'll be fine in 15 minutes.  He's very opinionated and passionate.

Top 7 things to know about Us:
1. We have two dogs.  Alex came with Bob as a package deal.  Blue was the result of me wanting a puppy.  Alex is grumpy and Blue isn't very smart.  They are awesome.
2. We have 2 nieces and 3 nephews.  3 of them live 5 minutes away, and 2 of them live 5 states away.  I can't imagine how awesome being parents will be, because being Aunt and Uncle is pretty much the best thing ever,  The kids are amazing.  Also, the rest of our families are awesome. 
3. We love (homemade) popcorn and movie night.  We also love trying new restaurants together.
4. We enjoy traveling together, although by the 4th day, Bob is homesick and Mis is trying to figure out how to extend the vacation.
5. We laugh with each other about really stupid things.
6. Sunday is our day.  We got married on a Sunday.  He never has to work on Sunday.  Some Sunday's are lazy - pj's all day, naps, take our for dinner and football or movies on tv.  Other Sunday's are busy.  Either way, they're the best day of the week.
7. We're going to be awesome parents.