Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Room 8

I've written about the day in January of 2011 a couple of other times.  I know people say that when they get bad news, they remember what they were wearing, the weather, the exact conversation... there's a lot of details I don't remember about that day.  I don't remember most of what the doctor told us or our responses.  But I remember the room. 

Yesterday, we went back into that same room, and met with the same doctor.  Before she walked in, Bob and I had a conversation realizing that it was the same room.  We kind of told the room "F - You!"  So yes, it was the same room.  Only this time, we got to listen to the heartbeat and hear the doctor say that everything is looking great.  It. Was. Amazing. 

And also, since it's been a long time since I've updated, here's what you've missed.
  • I eat all the food.  Except yogurt and bananas.  And by all the food, I mean that if I'm eating a meal with someone who has leftovers, I sometimes shamelessly ask them for a few bites.
  • I sleep all the time.  I go from being wide awake one minute to deep sleep the next.
  • Other than being hungry and tired, I have not had a single pregnancy symptom or issue.  I am so lucky for that, I know!  (ok, and a small side of crazy hormones)
  • We have confirmation that it is just one baby, sorry to disappoint anyone hoping for twins!
  • The heartbeat was in the 130's.  People say that means boy.  The doctor said it's right in the middle of meaning anything and just means the baby doesn't want us to know yet.
  • Our 20 week ultrasound is September 11.  Which means I'm already 17 weeks!!!  So, we'll all know what it is soon!  Get your guesses in!
  • I haven't had any crazy cravings, and I really want to wake Bob up in the middle of the night NEEDING something RIGHT NOW.  So, if anyone has any fun suggestions, let me know!
We are feeling so lucky and blessed right now!!