When did everything happen?

May - We met, and didn't hit it off
August 21 - We went out for drinks, stayed up talking all night, and found time whenever we could before I moved back to Defiance 5 days later
September 12- Bob introduced me as his girlfriend for the first time

May - I graduated from college and moved in with Bob
June - I started my job at Make-A-Wish
July - He left BWWs and started working for Bar Louie as a GM

June 7 - We got engaged

May 24- We got married and "stopped preventing"
November - I quit my job at Make-A-Wish

March - Bob got promoted to Director of Operations, and began traveling for work
March - I got a job at Hart Associates
May 29- My sister got married and we "started trying"
July (I think) - Appointment with regular doc to just tell her we were trying and get recommendation for OB
December - First appointment with OB, ultrasound

January - We both get more tests done just to be sure everything is okay
January 17- OB tells us test results show we are infertile - IVF is only option - refers us to specialist
February 3- First appointment with fertility specialist to go over options, cost, procedures, timing, etc.
March 21 - We got a second opinion - it was the same as the first opinion, also had a follow up appointment with family doctor so she can review everything and we can talk through it with her (she's been my doctor my whole life)
August - Met with a lawyer to learn more about adoption
August - Follow up meeting with fertility doc to discuss plan and timeline

We wait.  We had to learn to understand and deal with this together before we could jump right in.  Also, we didn't have all the money in our back pocket and agreed that we wanted to wait until we can do it comfortably.  And most of all, we're preparing ourselves for the mental part of all of this. It will happen - soon - but of course, not as soon as we wish.