Monday, July 2, 2012

IVF Process - May 7, 2012

Well, we successfully made it through shots!  The days actually passed by pretty quickly.  Bob was home off and on, and when he wasn't home, Amy was able to give me the shot, so I never had to give myself any!  After a few days on the original dosage, the doctor bumped up one of the meds.  I had bloodwork and ultrasounds done every other day to monitor my hormone levelsand my follicle growth.  And they definitely grew!  Each ovary hasabout 10 follicles on it, and they grew at a steady pace, which is exactly what the goal was.  I won't lie and tell you that I have been butterflies and rainbows the past few weeks.  The hormones are pretty intense, and sometimes the reality of all of this is a lot to handle.  But I'm lucky to have Bob,and we are lucky to have amazing support.

On Friday we got a phone call that they wanted us to come to Ann Arbor for a Saturday appointment because everything was growing so well. Because it was a Saturday, it wasn't our normal doctor or nurse, but their partners.  They were still awesome.  The ultrasound showed about 20 follicles and they were all about 18mm.  This means that we were about 3 days ahead of schedule.  The doctor printed out the ultrasound picture and handed it to me and said "hopefully this is your first baby picture!"

We go in tomorrow morning (Tuesday) for the egg retrieval.  The goal,obviously, is to remove all the follicles (eggs).  The catch is that the 10 on my right ovary are really easy to get to, but the 10 on my left ovary are positioned behind my uterus.  They will try to remove all of the follicles, and are confident that because I will be under anesthesia they should be able to, but it is possible that we may lose a couple.

So, tomorrow the eggs come out and are fertilized.  Wednesday they will call us and let us know the final number of fertilized embryos. Just because we have 20 eggs, doesn't mean that they will all successfully fertilize. They will be monitored for 3 to 5 days and then they will put 2 back in. Any others that were successfully fertilized will be frozen and saved for us to use later. We will know 2 weeks from tomorrow if the procedure was successfulor not.  I will have to continue on some shots and hormone medicine as they continue to monitor whether or not I am pregnant.  And, as I have mentioned before, we will be finding out very early on, so even if the test ispositive, they will have to monitor me very closely to make sure thateverything is okay. 

I'm feeling a few extra positive vibes about the whole things because tomorrowis my dad's birthday and 5 days later, when they will most likely be transferring them back, is Mother's Day. 

I can't believe how fast this process has gone over the past few weeks, but I am sure the next 14 days will seem really slow.

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